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Diversity is a defining feature of California's past, present, and future. As a public institution, the University of California is committed to achieving diversity, while striving for inclusive excellence. A diverse academic community enhances the exploration of ideas vital to our academic mission (see UCOP guidance).

According to the UC Diversity Statement, diversity refers to “the variety of personal experiences, values, and worldviews that arise from differences of culture and circumstance. Such differences include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and geographic region, and more."

The recruitment and retention of an excellent and diverse faculty continues to be a high priority for the University and for our campus specifically (see UCOP guidance). In addition to enhancing our teaching, research, and public service mission, a diverse faculty reflects our commitment to equal opportunity and ensures that we can serve the needs of our increasingly diverse student body.

If light of this, we acknowledge the need to identify and eliminate barriers within the institution that prevent talented people from historically underrepresented groups from succeeding in faculty appointments at UC San Diego.

The Center for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion works with administrators and Equity Advisors to identify and implement practices that will advance these goals. These include broadening candidate pools, establishing clear criteria for evaluating applicants, guarding against biases in decision making, and treating all candidates with respect.

Search Committee Training

All faculty serving on faculty search committees are required to complete training for inclusive hiring every three years. The goal of the training is to give faculty the tools to interrupt and address unconscious bias in every step of the recruitment process.

Search Committee Training is provided by designated Equity Advisors and covers: implicit bias; recent research findings related to recruiting, interviewing, and evaluating faculty candidates; relevant regulations and laws that govern the faculty search process; and hiring practices that promote inclusion.

Upcoming Training Sessions

 Faculty Search Committee Training: Social Sciences

November 27, 2018
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Room 107, Social Sciences Building


To register, please visit UC Learning.

Faculty are encouraged to participate in the session corresponding to their school or division, but may attend any available session to fulfill the requirement.

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